About Single Lens Relaxed Photography (SLRP)

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Welcome to Single Lens Relaxed Photography, or short: SLRP. What is it about? It is a personal blog by me, Hubregt Visser, about ‘An Amateur’s Journey Through the World of Photography‘. With (not so) regular posts I will give updates on my experiences with all aspects of photography: technique, composition, tricks, gear, etc.

About me

My name is Hubregt Visser. I live with my wife and two daughters in the Southern part of The Netherlands. I’m a full-time scientist with a developing passion for photography in my spare time. Since I have also developed an interest in blogging, it seems to be only natural to combine both interests.

Just another  photography blog?

Combining my passion for photography and my desire to start a blog  I have started this ‘just another photography blog’. In this blog I like to share the things I learn and the mistakes I make on my journey through the world of photography. By not only discussing the things I’ve learned to master, but also the things that went wrong I hope to add value and be interesting to beginning photographers like myself.

Although I’m photographing for over a decade now, it’s only recently that I’ve come out of my comfort zone and – for example – went from full automatic to manual use of my Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera. Browsing the web regularly to seek for advice and information I noticed that finding descriptions of how things can go wrong are hard to find. I aim to regularly describe the whole process of taking a particular kind of picture. That includes the general idea, things that go wrong and how to overcome the problems and get the final picture. In that respect I hope it will be of use and interest for other beginning photographers.

Recently, I fell for analog photography again. I like old cameras and the use of and processing of films. Therefore I’ll also describe my experiences in restoring old camera gear and developing film.

If you have any inquiries about SLRP please contact me here.

Hubregt Visser

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